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There are no easy answers when it comes to the big questions in life. . . how do I want to live my dying?  do I want to treat this disease the doctors have diagnosed and if so, what am I willing to live with and what do I refuse without any doubt?  what rights do I have?  what do laws does the state have that control my decisions?  how much should i let my family help me make decisions?  will I know when I have lived long enough and will people listen to me when I say that?

These questions go beyond legal, ethical, and theological.  They go right to truly existential and depending on your thinking, transpersonal heart of our being-in-the-world.

The link below has several short films designed to make you think, get you to talk about end-of-life issues and I think it is a brilliant project.

Tonight, I watched Short Film #7 — Torture in Health.  I think about this topic often given my background as a therapist for an AIDS organization and for hospice.  The medical field, in general, does not appreciate all that palliative services can offer.  And I don’t just mean at the end-of-life, but in terms of pain control or comfort care as it is called.  You still have doctors in hospitals saying that they can’t give increased levels of morphine because a dying person might become “addicted” and families get confused.


So, I post this tonight to ask you to mindfully reflect:  what do you think of pain control for those who are medically ill, but most especially at the end of life?  And is pain control or comfort care all about physical pain or should we medicate or “treat” (somehow) psycho-spiritual pain?  Have you talked with family and friends about your ideas so that they might have an idea of what to happen in case of. . .

Would love to hear your thoughts and ideas.  Please feel free to post.

Honoring your journey… Honoring your light.

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