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Plum Village France

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They have started chanting at Plum Village!

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christmas candles on the morning table

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Excellent blog post from ElephantJournal.com.  Click here.

Breathe.  Don’t fight.  Breathe.  Does it really matter if it is Christmas, Chanukah, the New Year, etc?  Let’s enjoy the time with people we care about, sharing the bounty of gifts, food, and wine.

Let us be thankful for our health, honor those no longer with us, and grateful for shelter from the winter winds.

Peace on Earth!


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Zalman Schachter-Shalomi and Ram Dass

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Being who you are.  Being Present.  Being Peace.  Being with Dying.

Here is a short clip of Ram Dass talking about being open and present to the dying and in return, being present to life.

Can you open your heart and be congruent?

It’s not just about being with the dying. . .  listen carefully and ask yourself, does this apply to me as a therapist, a nurse, a volunteer, a family member?  How do I live the lessons or better yet, how do I become the lessons?

Imagine how gentle we would be with each other.  Imagine how much less baggage we would carry around, freeing up our energy to truly engage with the person before us, whomever they are.

We can be free right here, right now.  We can be free in living and we can be free in dying.

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Lois @ NAMES ProjectA Dying Man:  While I was looking at blogs, I came across this blog of a gentleman (Bill) who has been blogging through his illness and his living with dying.  Now that I found it, I will journey with him through the ups and downs and all of the lessons and experiences he will have.  I hope you will take a look as well.  And I hope Bill’s family and friends will always cherish this precious record.


We forget that those who are living their dying are also living with their grief. . . the loss of the sense of taste, the loss of independence, loss of health, the loss of relationships and the losses go on and on.

My friend and mentor Lois showed me a vastly different way of living with dying than I had ever seen.  But that was Lois, she was one of a kind.  When she got her final diagnosis of cancer, she was determined to help others who were dying but helping professionals understand the needs of the dying.  She set out on a crusade to teach doctors, social workers, nurses, administrators to listen to the dying and understand how to best help them live the rest of their lives.

Several months ago, I got onto google.com and tried to find any trace of Lois.  She died in 2001, about 10 days before Sept 11.  She really disliked computers and would choose traveling or being with people over trying to get her story down on paper.  I wish she had the ability to do a daily online blog instead of changing (or having her husband change) voice mail message every day.  How I wish I could hear those messages, as sad, as sweet, as heartfelt as they might have been.  But all I have today is a few pictures and achy spots on my heart.

In honor of a great mentor:  She Is

Be peace.

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