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Thai Buddha

Image by romkey via Flickr

The bell of mindfulness

Invited me to wake up

And remember my breath

For just one moment.

I knew the news before

I heard her voice.

This messenger held no

Surprises for me.

Breathing in,

Breathing out,

A transformation takes place.

Breathing out,

And releasing,

Just releasing,

Until departing becomes arriving.

I checked the calendar

To see if today was an auspicious day,

For some reason,

Any reason,

To help me make sense

Of this awaited loss.

This present moment

Was arising and descending

Right before me.

I knew that my dear new friend had,

In one breath,

Become a part of my ancestral heritage

And my future all at once.

I bowed to him with gratitude and honor.

I knew to see his smile again

All I needed to do was close my eyes

And smile as I had when he was

there before me just a few hours before.

I hear my own voice in my mind ask,

“Friend, are you there?”

A full and jovial voice answered

With no hesitation,

“Friend, I’m neither here nor there.

I just am.  That’s all we ever are.”

And with a tear and a smile I said in return, using his own words,

“I like it, I like it.

It makes me happy

when someone believes. . . ”

And I knew we were now one.


In Honor And Gratitude For

Thong And  His Loving Family

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Really Very Elementary

How powerful the elements

How clever they are

To make me feel so humble

So small, minute

Yet clears my mind to the Limitless Connection.



Woman, self, evaporates

Until Being is seen

As drops in the lake.

Connected as One,

What beauty abounds

When Harmony has a chance to thrive.



Scenes from Earth.

Beauty from Water

Songs from Wind

Comfort from Fire



Roads merge

Gulls’ bellies on ice

Tree fallen

Fire in heart



Woman, spirit born Again

New lessons

Old memories

Both converge.



Living, Dying

One and the same

Grief over grasping

Is attachment to blame?


*Photo by Annette Miller-Crone 2010

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Night sky

Image via Wikipedia

I came across this song while I was wandering around on youtube.  I thought it was a lovely song about grief.


Soon You’ll Go — Howard Jones

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