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Pervade--- Space Laughter


““In history’s endless variations, some eras simply seem to function better than others… There is a way to look at these different patterns objectively and without taking a position- as one would look at scenery from the window of a passing train. Yet inquiry must also be guided by a deep caring.” Tarthang Tulku, “Dynamics of Time and Space

A few tidbits of thought of this initial excerpt:

1. The mahayana Buddhist idea of the need for both wisdom and compassion seems similar to this concept of of inquiry and caring. It’s a similar approach.

Truthfully, I’m already a Buddhist, so the idea of wisdom and compassion being important is something I have faith in. Still, I can ask the question: why? Why do we need both? Why that pairing? Why not some other setup?

2. The view of history here suggests that there are patterns in history, a…

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Reprise #554

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