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A person could write a whole book on just this topic. My heart aches when I hear some of the things people say and I really wonder if they think they would want to hear those words if their heart was broken open….

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People make appalling comments to us bereft. At a time when we can barely manage to drag ourselves through our days, we have to find the energy and graciousness to make allowances for people’s tactlessness, ignorance, and downright meanness. Most people are unaware of what it feels like to lose a significant part of their life, such as a spouse or a child, and they seem to be terrified of even thinking about that unthinkable happenstance, so they distance themselves from our pain with unfeeling words. They want to believe that the universe makes sense; that God is in his heaven and all is right with the world (except for that one little slip when he let your loved one die); that everything happens for the best. It is almost impossible for people to comprehend that bad things happen for no reason at all, so of course, the deceased had…

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What if there was a place where

there were no judgments?


What if there was space for you to sit

in your own light?


What if there was a container for

you to be held until you

felt that you were whole?


What if we could hold the space

for you until you know at

the deepest levels that you

are that space and that empty?


What would the world look like

if we genuinely loved our aching hearts

and soaring spirits at once?


Who would we be if compassion was

our action, consciously was

our way of being?


Would you feel free to stay in this place

no matter what the weather?


Would you feel safe to breathe freely

and come in to your own body?


What if we set aside our tools,

our weapons, our shields and exclaim,

“I am becoming…”?


Who would we be if we smiled and sang

“I am unfolding Love?”

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