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A big part of the work I did at hospice was working with children and it was so frustrating that people who worked with these kids did not do good loss histories …. kids got medicated when they needed to have people listen to them, play with them, and care.

I used to write for growthhouse.org during this time and I was going through some of my links from December and found the link to the old blog.  I think this post is still a vital concern today, as more and more kids are medicated and we are finding out how deeply entrenched our systems are with “big pharma” (the pharmaceutical companies).

If you know kids, if you work with kids, if you love kids, do yourself a favor and learn more about what their grief is like because kids don’t grieve like little adults.  Understand that normal grief can look like some mental health problems like mood disorders, ADD/ADHD, OCD, ODD, etc.  Don’t rush to label until you know what’s really been going on in their world and what is presently going on…. for no other reason than simply to honor the love that they have and the pain that was caused by losing someone that they love.

Want to know about kids and grief?  Check out Alan Wolfelt and The Center for Loss & Transition.  I don’t agree with everything that Alan teaches but I think he can give you a good foundation from which to start.

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