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DSM5 news roundup

Thank you for doing this article!

I’m just putting together some links with some of the DSM5 coverage. It’s not an exhaustive list. There is LOTS of coverage right now. (I may add to this post over the weekend, check back)

Allen Frances MD writes two blogs. He is a psychiatrist and former chair of the DSM-IV Task Force and currently professor emeritus at Duke. He is leading the critique within psychiatry which often strikes me as somewhat amusing since many of his arguments against the DSM5 are totally appropriate made against the DSM IV which he apparently thinks is free of these issues. Still it’s a good thing that he’s making the argument. Going further down the very slippery slope must be stopped.

Both his blogs right now are covering the DSM pretty much exclusively: at the Huffington Post and at the Psychiatric Times — free registration is required at the second one.

Some articles:


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Life is but a dream!

In modern society most of us don’t want to be in touch with ourselves; we want to be in touch with other things like religion, sports, politics, a book – we want to forget ourselves. Anytime we have leisure, we want to invite something else to enter us, opening ourselves to the television and telling the television to come and colonize us.

— Thich Nhat Hanh – Being Peace

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