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Great blog post. I really enjoyed seeing this today!

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Enjoy this beauty that was gifted to us by Christy!

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A Hope for Not Complaining

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Great Advice!

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Here is a 5-Minute meditation for you to check out.

See: www.falundafa.org/eng/exercises.html

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Taking time throughout the day 5 minutes here, 10 minutes there, another 5 before after dinner or before bedtime is better than no time at all.

We all have 5 minutes.  What if we all made the time for 5 minutes of meditation instead of standing around the water cooler?

Or 5 minutes to practice mindful walking instead of staying after a meeting to gossip (and that’s a whole other post)…

My day job is stressful and often non-stop.  But I am doing a few things to try to change that.  For one, I bought the Enzo Pearl timer that I described a few posts ago.

Another thing I have recently done is to bring my copy of Awake at Work by Michael Carroll to work.  I have it sitting on my desk.  Not on the book case to look pretty but right next to my water bottles on top of my desk.

When I have time between meetings or between reports, I can close my door and pick up the book.  There are 35 small chapters — easy 4-page reads — that I can use for contemplative practices.  Today I might read about being authentic”.  Maybe Thursday, I read about what “kitchen sink” mentality is…

Other days, when things are really chaotic, I might just set the Enzo timer for 5 minutes.  I take 5 of the 15 minutes I have for a break and just sit and breathe.  Right now, I don’t share an office so I can even do a 5-minute round of walking meditation.  I could, on a good day, even do 5 minutes of downward facing dog or warrior pose.

Sure it’s great to do at sunrise or sunset like we do on retreat. . . but if prisoners in a prison dharma program can do walking meditation in their cells, surely I can create a mindful space to walk around my desk for a few minutes.  It’s all about right attitude.

Taking this time during the day helps me to keep a mental and emotional balance that’s really important right now as I juggle work, my dissertation, and things like my blog.  I can remember when I was younger and was actively caregiving when having someone tell me that it was okay to take 5 minutes for myself. . . that the compassionate practice of being was important for me and the person who I was helping would have been a godsend.

So what are any of us waiting for?  Share some lovingkindness with yourself, with those around you, and with your world.  Plan to take 5 minutes during work… 5 minutes after work… and if you can, 5 minutes when you wake up or before bed to do some sort of practice.

Remember that you can also practice mindful eating — I know I have posted on that at least twice, with some references as well as Thich Nhat Hanh‘s rendition of the 5 Contemplations that you can use while you eat mindfully.

If you have creative ideas for what that might be, drop a note here and let us know how you find time.

Take gentle care, Jennifer

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