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Love without kindness is not true love; true kindness is never without love.

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Candle Lighter Award

The Candle Lighter Award is an award for a post or blog that is positive and brings light into the world.

The Candle Lighter Award belongs to those who believe, who always survive the day and who never stop dreaming, who do not quit but keep trying.

There are no rules. If you wish to, simply accept it and you are done! You are also free to decline or ignore it.

Recipients can pass it on to as many nominees as they wish and as often as they wish. This does not diminish the weight attached to this award. On the contrary, I reckon it places a huge but welcomed burden on the person passing on the award.

Ben, at http://bennaga.wordpress.com/ gave me this award and, well, I didn’t know what to do with it.  🙂  I was sweetly honored that Ben would pass on such kind words about my blog.

There is so much simple complexity to Ben’s words. . .

“Do you ever think

You might have it wrong?

Hold that thought

(But not too tightly)”

Book of Guff, 2/10/12

Sometimes I think we can convey that which is most human on through poetry and Ben does a brilliant job at it through his multiple blogs.

Heart to Heart” on 1/21/12

Now your time comes

Now you can speak

Be heard



Now the tears come

So long withheld

Let go



Where else can one find so much about the complexity and simplicity of the human kind of being and all it’s paradox and totality.  I find Ben’s posts to be both uplifting and on the edge. . . I feel hopeful when I read them and at the same time, sometimes I hear the sound of the meditation master’s stick on my shoulder as he simply calls us to wake up as we read his words.  Simply refreshing!  And I look forward to following his journey.  Thanks Ben!!!!

There are so many wonderful blogs here on wordpress and I am so inspired by the stories, courage, and compassion that is shared here.  And here some sites that I think deserve the honor of the Candle Lighter’s Award. . . they are sites that I look forward to following every day to find the truth, light, and honest activism and inspiration…







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