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A Day in Photos



I bought a candle to put in my brother’s blue vase from the pottery barn… don’t ask me how I remember that 20+ years ago he bought that at the pottery barn… I lit a candle and put a rose quartz rock on my buddha statue at the top of my stairs to remind me what’s important… love, ancestors, light, and being present.  This is under my wall hanging that reminds me of the only things I ever need to truly think about in my life.

And the last photo… well, that’s the crazy workspace of someone who is writing a paper for grad school.  Thank goodness that Einstein said that a mesy desk was not a sign of mental illness.

Whatever you do today, celebrate the moment, love those you are with, forgive, show gratitude, and be present as if it was your last moment here.

Metta, Jen

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Time Off Today

A contemporary birthday cake

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Taking time off today and tomorrow… I think I have things set to post…

Taking time to meditate on my birthday and what these years have meant.  Also spending intensive time this weekend doing writing for my PhD program.

Will miss the engagement that I have here at wordpress as it has become a daily part of my life.  Will check in and have something new later tomorrow.

Peace!  Jennifer

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 “As a hospice social worker I worked with Alice, a woman in her mid-sixties who had lost her husband to cancer while she was in the hospital being diagnosed with end-stage lymphoma.  When I met Alice she had very little time remaining.  She had backed so far away from life she was almost unreachable.  She seemed to have found a safe corner in a caved area of her consciousness.  After listening to Alice’s story I asked if there was anything which still gave her life meaning.  She said there were two reasons why she still wanted to live:  the love she had for her daughter and for her religion.  I said that although no one would have ever wished this situation on her, I could see that her tragedies had taken her to a rich and deep purpose for living.  Life for Alice was about love and spiritual growth.  These losses had taken her to a depth she had not touched in health.  Her pain had dropped her to a level of insight that few of us encounter.

When our backs are against the wall and we have seen our hopes eroded by loss and change, what once held our attention now seems cold and uninteresting.  Our future seems uncertain or without vitality.  We cannot lose ourselves in tomorrow because tomorrow holds no promise.  This intense fear drops us to the base level of existence.  We stand naked before life unable to protect ourselves from the truth that has always been.”

Excerpt from Lessons from the DyingRodney Smith.

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