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Unlikely Teachers

“I have learned silence from the talkative,

tolerance from the intolerant,

and kindness from the unkind.

I should not be ungrateful to these teachers.”

~Kahlil Gibran

What great woes have you learned from?

What has fortified your heart after breaking it open?

What has opened your eyes and your heart?

Won’t you share your story?

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Timers — Enzo Timer   I cannot tell you how much I love my Enzo timer.  I have not had it long and I am still learning everything about it.  It has interval timers, meaning you can set the timer for several timers in a row.  For instance, if I want to alternate between walking and sitting meditation, I can set it for 45 minutes and then it rings.  When that is done, I move from sitting meditation to walking.  Then the bell goes off in 10 minutes and I go from walking to sitting meditation.  I think it can handle up to 99 intervals.

Not a bad option if you need to do something like take medicine every so often, meditate, or even if you have to do something in the other room and you don’t want to lose track of when you need to check on your loved one again.  You could set several intervals of 15 minutes or however often you need.  It has 2-3 meditation chime sounds, one like an alarm, and one like a wooden block being struck (my favorite).  I use this for all kinds of things now.

Digital Recorder or app for your smart phone/iPad — while you are traveling, record thoughts and ideas, notes to yourself, to do list items, etc.  Right now I have a Droid X and there is an app on there that lets me save a voice recording and it will email it to me.  Nice option.  I get home, there are a few MP3s in emails waiting for me to listen to and decide what to do with them.

Cloth Drawers — In the one “drawer” I have upcoming cards to send out… a few blank cards I send to my grandmother monthly.  She has dementia and I send her a card every few weeks, ones with brightly colored flowers or something simple and pretty on the front.  All of my stamps, gold crown seals, a few pens, etc are all right here.  In the bin next to it, I have things I need at my table in my living room — cords for my iPod, sticky notes, my dvr & dvd remotes, and a few pens.  Everything is at my finger tips.

Plastic containers — I keep all of my thank you notes, stationary, etc in this bin and have some Nag Champa Incense in this box.  The cards take on the faint scent of the incense and I know where all of my blank cards are.   I actually keep this behind a chair in the livingroom, near the front door.  If I get a card, mine are there and I can send one right out.  If I am on my way back to work at lunchtime and I need a sympathy, birthday, or thank you card, they are all right there.  This container has two layers to it.. the cards I use the most are on top… like blank thank yous…

“To Remember” Bag — So, I forget everything everywhere.  I’ve left iPods in hotel rooms and had to call to have them sent to me.  I leave things between my home and my parents…. so I know keep a bag by the back door and put things in it I need to bring certain places.  This one has muffin cups and a sweater for my mother, for my next trip up there.  And it has several books I need to bring to the Post Office.  I will put this in my car before leave for work.

You can do the same thing with a bag for doctor’s visits… a some snacks like granola bars, bottles of water, a few pens, a notebook of questions, a good book to read, tissues, Advil (or what you might need like cough drops, etc).  Keep a folder or manilla envelope in there for things you might need like copies of lab reports, print outs of prescriptions, etc.

Some doctors require that you bring the actual bottles of your prescriptions.  I’ve gotten into the habit (thanks to caregiving for my brother all those years ago) and keep a printed listed of medications I am taking with the dosages and a check in red next to it if I know I need a refill at that visit.

These are just a few ideas of things to help make your life simpler as you juggle things.  I have a typed out shopping list (including brands) that I have on my computer.  It has check boxes and I can print one off, scan down the list, and mark it as I need things.  It’s helpful especially if you send others to the store for you… there is no coming home with Hellman’s when you want Miracle Whip when it’s all there in black and white.

I also have a blank “menu sample” for the week that I can use.  That I used to you when I was doing Weight Watchers and counting points and doing a lot of food prep for several of us for the week.  It came in handy, helped with the shopping, and kept me on track.  This one is a Word doc so you can modify it and use it yourself.  Mine was detailed because several of us were preparing meals… fill it out as simply or thoroughly as you need.

Think of the things that might be helpful to you.  Get them, organize them, and then, most importantly…. USE THEM!

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