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Go to Aspire, Motivate, and Succeeds website to check out this really good post on depression and anxiety

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Please go to William’s site and read this article!!!!!

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Great questions!!!!

C PTSD - A Way Out

Can pleasant and unpleasant exist on their own, without us?


If we refrain from judging  pleasant or unpleasant, life will just be for a moment.


How will you ever know,  the mind at ease and empty?


We can be aware of thought, of judging things and people, today!

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All of you

So honored that so many people have taken up blogging to share their stories of grief. Here is a great example of someone using their pain and suffering to make a difference in all of our hearts!
The power of love….

Writing for my beloved



Clouds on Steroids (FREE TEXTURE)

I feel you.

I need you.

I smell you.

I touch you. 

I desire you.

I embrace you……


I wake up

to  find you

were just here

in the dream state. 

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Sinking deeper

I hope that it is okay to reblog this article. I think it is so important to hear from the bereft first hand. No theory, no technique, no quick and painless step or stage system can take away our pain. They can’t bring us answers. They can’t lull us to sleep or prevent even more pain from happening.

It’s at times like this, when we are at our lowest, most vulnerable that it is hard to reach out and when we are reached out to by those hurting so much, we need to take gentle care to be supportive.

And I know that if a parent’s love was not so profound, their grief would not be so torturous at times.
I facilitated a parent’s group for a long time and had other parents in other support groups. One of the things that I suggested was some meditation… I know, you probably think that’s crazy but I would suggest metta meditation (lovingkindness meditation) or tonglen (giving and receiving meditation)…

These forms of meditation connect us to all those who are suffering in the world. They help us to remember that as utterly alone as we may feel, we are not alone. Our feelings are not new. Our story is not the first of its kind. And we are connected to a millennium of others who have had the same pain and suffering that we are going through…

And I would also suggest to folks that came to my groups the cd collection by Stephen Levine, The Grief Process… After more than 30 years of working with the grieving and the dying, Stephen and Ondrea share their insights into the profound wounds that we all carry that are our grief.

I wish every grieving parent comfort, safety from their suffering, moments without their heartache, the knowledge that they are not alone, and the support that they so deserve.

In Peace, Jennifer


I had made an appointment to speak to our parish priest last week and today I went.  I came away feeling more lost, more depressed.  I know there is no magic pill, no magic words but I am searching for answers. Maybe not even answers but clarity. So much is happening in my world, some good, some not so good.   But I am lost. I feel as if I am on a road where there is a huge roadblock and I do not know if I am to climb over, go around or go back.   I tried to convey my lost feelings and his response is if I had gone to the grief counseling group – been there, done that.  Cannot do again. Maybe the first time was easier because it was the first time but now I am the mom who has buried two children.  Cannot go…

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Really nice post tonight! I enjoyed reading it. Let our pages not be blank but let us come together to write a brighter here and now…

Be Beautiful and Dance.

“we are all just walking each other home…” — ram dass

I like to think of us as letters on a page…rarely does one letter say anything by itself, and never can one letter tell a story. Every letter is dependent upon every other letter in order to function…they all need to be there and only be themselves…sometimes letters have to stand next to each other in order to make sense…sometimes letters stand alone…but the story can’t be told without all of them being in a tremendous variety of combinations. The letter that stands next to me may be close in proximity, but neither of us would amount to a hill of beans if it weren’t for the letters in the next word, or the next sentence.

We think we’re the whole story but we are just letters in MonkeyDrop’s Anthology of Existence. The sooner we see ourselves as…

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365.40 - studying

365.40 - studying (Photo credit: anathea)

Practicing With Loss

Loss is a fact of life. Impermanence is everywhere we look. We are all going to suffer our losses. How we deal with these losses is what makes all the difference. For it is not what happens to us that determines our character, our experience, our karma, and our destiny, but how we relate to what happens.

~~Lama Surya Das

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