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We are less than 18 days away from the anniversary of Columbine High School and we see the front page…


I don’t know if we will ever be able to stop this kind of violence.

It is these moments that make us feel vulnerable, helpless, and question our humanity.

We extend prayers, blessings, lit candles, comfort and care to all who are affected by today’s shooting. . . the first responders, those that died, the shooter, the bereft families.

Here is a metta meditation from Sharon Salzberg being sent to all beings everywhere.

May all beings everywhere live in safety, be happy, be healthy, and live with ease.

May all beings everywhere be comforted in their time of grief.

May all beings everywhere know lovingkindness and deep compassion.

With deep sorrow, Jennifer

The Dying and the Bereaved Teenager.  1990.  ed. John D. Morgan.  The Charles Press Publishers

A Student Dies, A School Mourns.  2000.  Ralph L. Klicker.  Taylor Francis Publishers.  *This is an incredible book for dealing with any kind of death in the school.  It would be a welcome edition if your school or classroom ever needed an extensive resource.

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Ive Been There A Discussion With a Young Professional 04/03 by Jennifer R Stevens MA CT | Blog Talk Radio.

Check out my interview with social work student, Elizabeth Hendrickson.

Then pop over to www.namasteconsultinginc.com to see her blog posts this week — all about supporting grieving kids and teens.


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From Dr. Frances’ article….

“And now, in just the past 4 days, there has been the kind of online miracle that is possible only on the Internet. Joanne Cacciatore wrote a moving blog that rapidly made its viral way across the world and into the hearts of the bereaved. An astounding 65,000 people have already viewed her piece and then passed it on to friends and families. You can join them at http://drjoanne.blogspot.com.

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The infinite ocean of our life and our connections to all

Here was an article in the NY Times yesterday, 3/31/12.

I thought it nicely went with my post from earlier today, that was inspired by watching “Consider the Conversation”.  See my earlier post.

I don’t have a lot more to say about this, at this time.  I think that my earlier post and this article have a lot to say for themselves.

I take an exception with the author’s flippant remarks about the baby boomers… maybe she needs to ask herself who is ordering all those tests?

Which politicians are keeping it necessary for our ERs to be beyond packed?

What institutions continue to train doctors that death is the enemy…

I don’t know what baby boomers she hangs out with but I know many that take care of themselves, don’t want extreme treatments, would rather heal naturally, and would prefer preventative medicine and lifestyle to anything that our current medical system can offer or shove down our throats…

Looking west toward the Bitterroot Mountains o...

But, she put dying out there and that’s commendable.  We need to take the example of the Missoula Project with Ira Byock, MD.  See www.dyingwell.org for more information.  Started in 1996, this was a 15 year project to demonstrate that community-based supports and medical and psychosocial support can make an impact on death and dying for those patients and families.

What did it prove?  That being open, honest, and supportive about dying can make a difference in a community.  It can in a family too.

Check out more information about this project with the links provided on the dyingwell site.

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I just love this idea…

Cosmic Loti

Inspired by Tich Nhat Hanh
“sit together in silence, generating the energy of peace, solidity, and freedom” 

“If in our daily life we can smile, if we can be peaceful and happy, not only we, but everyone will profit from it. This is the most basic kind of peace work.”
Thich Nhat Hanh

Peace and happiness now

+ ❤  = 🙂

T H A N K S  A L L  !

↑ these photos via Duncan and Evelyn Maybury
Big thanks too to Tricia who gave me a lift down, coz I wouldn’t have made it else.

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Really enjoyed this tonight… we forget that some loss we actually seek out. Great blog!

Be Beautiful and Dance.

It’s time to go through the emotional closet to clean out a few things for Spring. A lot of people use the Spring season to clear out their homes and unclutter their lives; but throwing out emotional and psychological junk is just as important. From a spiritual standpoint, disposing of old stuff creates space for moving forward in our practice. I think we overlook this truth because it’s possibly more difficult to release long held beliefs, thought patterns, and emotional entanglements than it is to finally give away those old pair of jeans that have seen us through several years. And giving away those jeans is HARD. You know.

There is usefulness that comes with developing the habit of continually Creating Space. Everything we hold on to is also holding on to us — holding us back, holding us in, holding us together in a state of duality. This Path is…

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“Your f you could answer this same question, who would the person that has passed away be that has had a great influence on your life?” check this out…

It's a New Day...

Day 76 Question 76:

It’s been said that after they pass away, the most important people in our lives “live within us.” Is there anyone from your past that lives within you?

Throughout my life I have experienced many people pass away.  I have not had any gradparents alive for over 10 years…hell maybe even over 15 years.  My parents are older so unfortunately I got less time with my grandparents than I would have liked.  I loved all of them dearly but being the young ages that I was when they passed I didn’t get to appreciate them in the same way I probably would have as an adult…the way I appreciate my parents now that I am grown and have a sense of maturity and understanding of the world.  It is so funny when you are young so many people say, “You will understand when you are older,”…

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