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I always enjoy this blog!

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One of my favorite authors…

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Just downloaded this last night… am looking forward to what he has to say.. he’s also speaking at the international symposia for contemplative studies

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Your idea!


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Dust is Earthly debris. It settles on window panes and, over time, clouds or obliterates vision and even a rainstorm does not fully clear the glass.
So it is with one’s fascination with the dust of trivialities that are Earthly life; it clouds the vision to what really is.

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Here is a MP3 that I recently downloaded on Itunes… a little different than the chanting from Plum Village or from Lama Surya Das but am enjoying it nonetheless.

Here is C.C. White:


And here she is with Dave Stringer


Here is CC’s website… http://www.soulkirtan.com/

So, enjoy!


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Pain as a messenger

These pain’s you feel are messengers.

Listen to them.

Turn them to sweetness.

~ Jellal ed-Din Rumi (1207-1273), Persian poet and Sufi master

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