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I always enjoy this blog!

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One of my favorite authors…

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Just downloaded this last night… am looking forward to what he has to say.. he’s also speaking at the international symposia for contemplative studies

Sharing this article since it’s clear the benefit of mindfulness practice is starting to strike people of all sorts. It’s something that can be done regardless of religious belief. Now we have a US Congressman talking about its potential benefits for everyone.

From the Guardian by Ed Halliwell: 

Mindfulness: the altered state of America

“A quiet revolution is happening in America.” So says Tim Ryan, Ohio congressman and author of A Mindful Nation, which documents the spread of mindfulness meditation across the US, and argues for its widespread adoption as a way to favourably affect the country’s healthcare system, economy, schools and military.

Just published, the book is significant not so much for what’s being said – evidence for the benefits of mindfulness has been piling up in scientific journals over recent years – but for who’s saying it and how: an elected politician in Washington passionately advocating meditation as a…

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Your idea!


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Dust is Earthly debris. It settles on window panes and, over time, clouds or obliterates vision and even a rainstorm does not fully clear the glass.
So it is with one’s fascination with the dust of trivialities that are Earthly life; it clouds the vision to what really is.

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Here is a MP3 that I recently downloaded on Itunes… a little different than the chanting from Plum Village or from Lama Surya Das but am enjoying it nonetheless.

Here is C.C. White:


And here she is with Dave Stringer


Here is CC’s website… http://www.soulkirtan.com/

So, enjoy!


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Pain as a messenger

These pain’s you feel are messengers.

Listen to them.

Turn them to sweetness.

~ Jellal ed-Din Rumi (1207-1273), Persian poet and Sufi master

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