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First day I’ve really been able to hop on the computer and see straight. Thanks for bearing with 2 weeks of me being sick and a week of migraine. Hopefully I will get some original posts out soon.
Much love and peace to all of you who have been supportive in life and on facebook as I’ve dealt with the past month.
Peace to my friends, close and far.

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Lightning Strike In Sydney

Don’t let up when you find a protocol that seems to help!

I’ve seen this for years with people on psych meds… they take them, get to a good place and think, I’m fine.  I don’t need those meds.

I’ve seen it with people struggling with addiction… I’ve changed people, places, and things.  I’ve had some time.  Maybe it wasn’t as bad as I thought.  I can go to happy hour with the gang from work and drink club soda. . .

I’ve seen it with AIDS patients… I’m feeling great… I can let up on the cocktail of drugs.  I already have AIDS, I can have unprotected sex.

And I’ve seen these very same people have rebound depression from stopping meds too quickly, have relapses from the slippery slope of that one drink, that one old using friend, and I have seen. . . well, people die from…

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Garden flower

“If you’re out watering your flower garden by hand, you naturally concentrate the flow of water to benefit your beautiful flowers. If there’s an area of weeds, you don’t waste water there. As best you can, you avoid watering the weeds. It’s the same with your consciousness. You can learn to selectively water the positive seeds and flowers in you by attending to them. There are enough weeds. You don’t have to encourage them.”

~~ Thomas Bien, “Water the Flowers, Not the Weeds”

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