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“The person you choose for a life partner has a tremendous impact on your life.  It is one of the most important decisions you make in life, and it calls for careful consideration.  There is the saying, “Love is blind.”  However, if ever there is a time when you need to see clearly, it is when you are entering into a committed relationship.”

~~ Ellen and Charles Birx, Waking Up Together:  Intimate Partnership on the Spiritual Path

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“Tibetan Buddhists say that we have all been one another’s mother in a previous lifetime.  Imagining every being as your mother, practice offering love equally to all whom you encounter, including strangers, creatures, and even those who have hurt you.  This practice isn’t always easy for some of us Westerners, who may have conflicted relationships with our mothers.  But I can imagine a being who has given me and others life, protection, nourishment, and kindness.  When I’ve giving care to a dying person, I try both to give and receive kindness as if I were the dying one’s mother and to see the dying one as my mother, saying silently to myself, “Now it is time for me to repay the great kindness of all motherly beings.”

~~ Roshi Joan HalifaxBeing With Dying

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