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Ficus religiosa

Ficus religiosa (Photo credit: Eric Hunt.)

“We could all afford to be a little more genuine, a little more authentic, couldn’t we? Why is it that we need to grow old before understand how much joy there is to be found in doing the simple things that reflect and embrace our essential joy and goodness?”
~~ Lama Surya Das, From Awakening to the Sacred

Sometimes we need to schedule time to find ourselves and take stock of our situation.

Using meditation as this time is a great practice, especially when you are dealing with a lot of challenges, i.e., being a caregiver, having a stressful job, or experiencing a lot of upheaval.

It is always helpful to practice while life is going well and the waters are calm.  Science tells us that even 2 minutes a day enhances our coping, calms our nervous system, and helps to bring us back to balance.

I would gently challenge anyone who says that they don’t have that kind of time.

I say that because I challenge myself daily to find the time.

You can find time to practice mindfulness while walking to the mailbox at work, when washing dishes, or even going to the bathroom.  Put down the magazine, turn off the computer and bring your breath into focus.

Don’t wait until you are old and looking back on life. You will find that with minimal effort, you will find more and more of your essential nature.

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