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English: Patrul Rinpoche tibetian yogi

English: Patrul Rinpoche tibetian yogi (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“In a previous life, the Buddha was born in a hell where the inhabitants were forced to pull wagons.  He was harnessed to a wagon with another person called Kamarupa, but the two of them were too weak to get their vehicle to move.  The guards goaded them on and beat them with red-hot weapons, causing them incredible suffering.

The future Buddha thought, “Even with two of us together we can’t the wagon to move, and each of us is suffering as much as the other.  I’ll pull it and suffer alone, so that Kamarupa can be relieved.”

He said to the guards, “Put his harness over my shoulders, I’m going to pull the cart on my own.”

But the guards just got angry.  “Who can do anything to prevent others from experiencing the effects of their own actions?” they said and beat him about the head with their clubs.

Because of this good thought, however, the Buddha immediately left that life in hell and was reborn in a celestial realm.  It is said that this was how he first began to benefit others.”

~~ Patrul Rinpoche from The Words of My Perfect Teacher

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