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Seated Buddha Amitabha statue, west side of Bo...

Seated Buddha Amitabha statue, west side of Borobudur, ca. 1863-1866. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“How can we learn to surrender the ego self?” I asked.

“In this particular tradition of Shin Buddhism, it is taught that I can never surrender myself.  Resistance comes from the deepest center of my karmic self.  That’s why the Buddha Amida‘s compassion says, ‘Tai, you don’t have to surrender.’ When I hear that, I understand that I can’t do it because it’s not in my nature to surrender; that’s like asking me to fly to the sky.  Then, naturally and spontaneously, the surrender takes place.  As long as I think I can do it, it’s not going to happen.

In Shin, in the Pure Land tradition,” Unno told me, “it comes down to listening to the teaching.  There is no meditative practice as such.  Listening is becoming awakened.  I have my view of things and Buddhism presents its views.  Gradually, my views are displaced by the views that Buddhism has cultivated for 2,500 years.”

~~ Tracy Cochran & Jeff Zaleski in Transformations:  Awakening to the Sacred in Ourselves.

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