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Dear Post-It Note:

Post-It Note Art Collage (PINAP)

Post-It Note Art Collage (PINAP) (Photo credit: Adrian Wallett)

This is a great post by www.mindbodygreen.com.

I think it is one that if I was reading it again for the first time, I would have my trusty post-it notes nearby me.

“What other people think is irrelevant”. . . shouldn’t that be by your computer at work?

What about, “You are enough?”  Where would you post that?

I might post it on my bathroom mirror, where I do my make up every day.

And on the table, where I have all my books that I have been using to write my dissertation, I would have, “Don’t Give Up” for all those days that I sit with my head in my hands or stare blankly at the computer screen.

Grab your pen and post it notes and then let us know where you posted your inspiration!

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