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This was published last week but wanted folks to know that they could still take the poll.  Please let us know how we can help!

Jennifer 4/4/2012



I really appreciate the awards that I have won with this blog.  I’m grateful for the followers that stop by, read a post, and leave comments.

I started this post as a way to get me motivated for the last “leg” of graduate school.  You would think the dream of the a PhD would be enough, but, alas it isn’t.

So, I started writing and had a few followers… some family and friends that I am so thankful for… and it’s grown.  And I am so honored.

You all know that talking about end-of-life issues is a passion of mine.  I’ve never had more healing and life-altering experiences than those surrounding the death of people I love and the suffering, healing, and growth that has come from my unique grief journey for each death.

And I really care about helping others that are where I have been… a new professional in hospice and therapy, a grieving sibling, an all of a sudden caregiver, someone new to meditation, someone lost, someone needing to know that someone out there “gets” what’s going on in me…

So, I’d love to hear from you.  What do you need?  What do you want to see?

How can I help?

Please take a second and fill out this poll.

With gratitude, Jennifer

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Please share with us your current meditation practices…  You can check more than one answer (up to three) and always add your own below or in the comments.

All poll entries are anonymous.


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Share your feelings. . .

Dawn walk 

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