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your flesh vehicle

Let’s hope that 2012 is the time that the scale is tipped and we hit critical mass.
Today’s post by Dimitri reminded me of a book I read a long time ago… The Millionith Circle: How to Change Ourselves and the World by Jean Shinoda Bolen, Jungian analyst

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Setting Yourself Free

Great blog post.

The Meditation Project Blog

During the last hundred years or so, the way of life has changed greatly throughout the world. The social system and other systems are no longer the same as they used to be in ancient times. This has brought about a dispersion of human energies at all levels. The mind of man has lost the point of balance and harmony in every sphere of existence. We are so engrossed in material survival that we have not been aware of what has been happening to us.

Within the last century or two, diseases have sprung up with new dimensions, expressions, and manifestations, and this has reached a peak in the last few decades. Medical science has put an end to the great plagues of the past, but we are now faced with a new epidemic of stress-related disorders caused by our inability to adapt to the highly competitive pace of modern…

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DSM5 news roundup

Thank you for doing this article!

Everything Matters

I’m just putting together some links with some of the DSM5 coverage. It’s not an exhaustive list. There is LOTS of coverage right now. (I may add to this post over the weekend, check back)

Allen Frances MD writes two blogs. He is a psychiatrist and former chair of the DSM-IV Task Force and currently professor emeritus at Duke. He is leading the critique within psychiatry which often strikes me as somewhat amusing since many of his arguments against the DSM5 are totally appropriate made against the DSM IV which he apparently thinks is free of these issues. Still it’s a good thing that he’s making the argument. Going further down the very slippery slope must be stopped.

Both his blogs right now are covering the DSM pretty much exclusively: at the Huffington Post and at the Psychiatric Times — free registration is required at the second one.

Some articles:


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Life is but a dream!

In modern society most of us don’t want to be in touch with ourselves; we want to be in touch with other things like religion, sports, politics, a book – we want to forget ourselves. Anytime we have leisure, we want to invite something else to enter us, opening ourselves to the television and telling the television to come and colonize us.

— Thich Nhat Hanh – Being Peace

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This is a great analogy to what we do on the cushion. Thank you for sharing it with us! Just being with until things change, as they always do!

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I wanted to share this here because I think nutrition is often overlooked while we are living with grief. We look for comfort and that often leads us to overly processed, high carb, high fat items. If we aren’t eating anything and we are nauseated and losing weight, getting anything in might be the important thing. But for the rest of us, some of the most compassionate things we can do while we are cargiving and grieving is to do simple things . . . drink enough water, get enough sleep, try to get whole grains, protein, and fruits/veggies in.
We can place a lot of anger, shame, and disgust on ourselves when we are hurting and small attempts self-compassion can be difficult. And there is also no better time to practice being gentle. Take small steps. . . when you are needing something sweet for your aching heart, think about something sweet and good for you.

Daily Health Boost

Today’s Inspiration: Kimberlysnyder.net

“Living healthy doesn’t mean that you can’t eat dessert! It is important to also nourish your mind and give yourself a little treat sometimes, and yes.. it can be healthy! Here are some ideas fot some treats for yourself!”


12 Desserts That Are Actually Good For You

Sometimes you just have to have something sweet. The problem with conventional desserts, however, is they are loaded with sugar and empty calories. Not only that, but favorite desserts like cakes, pies, and cookies are usually made with wheat flour, which contains gluten, while creamy desserts like puddings and ice cream are made from dairy products. Gluten grains and dairy are two extremely difficult substances for the human body to digest, and they can clog you up with toxins and mucus.

People new to a healthier, plant-based way of eating often fear they have to give up dessert…

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Thank you for this post. I agree with you whole heartedly. I don’t want to write a blog where I don’t feel others can feel safe and have now taken measures to make sure that is the case.

Dying mans daily journal

It is my intention that this be a loving, supportive and non-judgedmental space where all are welcome. All are welcome to share their thoughts, feelings or fears, seeking comfort and support in a safe haven. I was upset this morning to read a comment directed not to me but to another commenter. Let’s just say it fell far short of anything I find acceptable. If you disagree with something I say feel free to express your opinions in a respectful way and I will accept it.

What I will not accept are what I feel to be INAPPROPRIATE comments directed specifically to others that have had the courage to share deep and personal thoughts and feelings with us. This type of comment is immediately moved to the trash where it rightfully belongs.


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Everything Matters

Let your tears come. Let them flow, flood, storm, shake and wake you. Let your whole body cry, weep, sob. Drop below any shame you might have about crying so openly, letting your heart break, knowing that what is breaking is not your heart, but only the energetic encasing around it. If you feel like a child or infant as you cry, let it be, keeping your mind out of it. We have so much unattended sadness, so much muted sorrow, so much life-force tied up in keeping our tears, new and old, from fully surfacing. But surface they must, if we are to truly come alive… ~ Robert Augustus Masters


Wonderful article by Robert Masters on Beyond Meds:

●  Don’t give fear a thought (for anyone who ever deals with anxiety or fear)

Books by Masters:

●  Spiritual Bypassing: When Spirituality Disconnects Us from What Really…

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As always, Dimitri has a great post. . . this time on suffering and 5 reasons why he thinks we suffer. . . take a look.

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