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I really fell in love with the community at WordPress, well, the community that seemed to surround me as I started writing this blog.  And this week has been a great reminder of that kind of love.

There’s something special about connecting, sharing, expressing, questioning, and communing in a way that is heartfelt but free from some of the attachments and “stuff” that we find in relationships with family, friends, and those who are near and far.

The comments I have received this week have been deep, lovely, and so soulful.  I’m glad that people have been moved to share and have wanted to connect intimately.

Deep conversations, like the ones I used to have with friends in college (as we sat by the Hudson River), can be so healing and foster new levels of understanding and connection.

I am deeply honored that you have reached back and shared.

As Namaste would suggest, I honor the light, love, perfection, flaws, and all that is within you, that is within me, and that is all that there is.

Peace, Jennifer

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“To claim our connection to Spirit on a daily basis is a

radical act in our secular culture.

It is an act that both liberates us to live in dramatically

new and creative ways and pushes us to find like-minded companions.

Circle itself becomes a spiritual practice — a celebration with

others of the beauty and wisdom of living the sacred life.

And as we remember that in each of us resides direct connection

to spiritual guidance, we can claim our personal authority

to serve as coleaders on the rim of circle.”

Calling the Circle:  The First and Furture Culture.  Christina Baldwin

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