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Einsteins Dreamscape by artist Tom WIlcox @ http://tomwilcox.deviantart.com/art/Einsteins-Dreamscape-57361496

Here is the next post from Deeper into the Soul, a book on looking at Alzheimer’s & Dementia Care.  Take a look. . . .

“According to Arnold Mindell and many spiritual traditions, we can talk about three levels of reality, or realms of perception:


“This is the world we visit in our nightly dreams, visions, and other subjective experiences, such as emotions or pain.  We see things that others cannot notice; we have feelings that are not easily explained to others.  As Mindell puts in his book The Dreammaker’s Apprentice:  “The parts of Dreamland are virtual; only you, the dreamer, see or feel or experience them.  You cannot show them to anyone else.  You can see your dream image, but no one else sees the same thing as long as their consciousness is focused solely on consensus reality.”  The table in my dream may be clear to me, but you don’t see it in the same way.  Yet, experiences in Dreamland are no less important than those from consensus reality.  On the contrary, some of them are our deepest feelings and insights.”

From Deeper into the Soul:  Beyond Dementia & Alzheimer’s Toward Forgetfulness Care by Nader R. Shabahangi & Bogna Szymkiewicz.

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