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Is this what you want?


Sorry for the really large letters for the website…wanted to make sure that you had the info to check out this website and this video…

We can’t hide from dying.

Most of us want to be at home, most of us want some semblance of control ..

Some want to feel no pain, at the expense of extra time with family.

Others want to be lucid and wide awake despite more pain.

The common denominator?

Doing it our way!

Yet, like other taboos, like sex, we don’t talk about this with our loved ones.

Think about it, sex is everywhere but we can’t talk to our kids about healthy sexual self-concepts or taking care of their sexual health.

Is it any different with dying?

We tune in to Anderson Cooper and he and Sanjay are all over the world, in war-torn areas.  We watch people killed in Saving Private Ryan, any Bruce Willis movie, the 5 o’clock news, NCIS, zombie movies, etc.  Even Easter is coming up, a celebration of dying and renewal and we focus on the renewal, the eggs, the candy, the hats…

But we can’t talk about the reality.  Really?

I wanna talk about it before it’s too late.

Have you had the conversation?

Do you know what your aging parents want at the end of life?  Do you know what your adult children want?

Heck, do you know what you want?

What about this?

This is a great video!  It features some of the greatest names in the field… Ira Byock, MD, Doug Smith, MDiv, James Clearly, MD.  What they tell us is not that different that the stories and the teachings of people like Frank Ostaeski, Joan Halifax, Ram Dass, Stephen and Ondrea Levine.

The video emphases the reality of what our dying can be like, that we have choices, that the medical profession doesn’t always start this conversation, what is hospice care, and so much more.

Dave Gahan from Depeche Mode

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