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“The mind has its own harmony, its own way of regaining balance and stability after a loss.  The process is called grief.”  Rodney Smith.

We have an innate means of healing.  Grief is complicated because life is complicated.  No medicine will be a balm for the loss before us.  No steps, no workbooks, no DSM diagnosis, no false prophet will heal our grief.  Our love does not die and is not contingent on the physical presence of the person we loved.  But sitting with our breath, allowing ourselves compassion in the moment, to feel and be with the tumultuous feelings, thoughts, sensations that arise from our grief will allow our hearts to open and heal.

This blog is meant to be an alternative to what’s already out there in the world.  What we’ve been led to believe, what we fear as the pain hurts our hearts, as book after book and specialist after specialist tells you need to be fixed… breathe it out… feel the freedom that comes from letting it all go.  Prepare to go deeply within and explore with gentleness the truth you are living.

Join us as we explore issues of dying, grieving, loving, growing, healing, living, learning, and well, just being.

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