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Om bija

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They say that Om is the sound of the universe.  That it is primordial.

I find that it is important to explore many different ways of meditating and finding peace.  If you are like me, as I change from moment to moment, I need to find a practice that will do well for me, right then.

After work, my mind is racing or completely stuck on the day’s events.  When I get home, trying to focus on my breath is not easy.  I may try walking meditation or chanting to help me foster some focus.  I might also use my mala or a gathas.  (I will be explaining all these forms of meditation in up coming posts and really focusing on how they are helpful when you are by the bedside or you are grieving).

For now, enjoy this relaxing chant of Om.

May you know peace.  May you foster peace in the world.  May you be peace.


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Deutsch: Om mani padme hum (Tibetisches Mantra)

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Simply lovely, healing, and gentle chanting of Om Mani Padme Hum.  Listen to it to aid in your meditation or to have a few moments of relaxation.


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