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I am sure many people have said these words and I don’t know if anyone would really know where it came from but I found these words in a book by Elisabeth Kubler-Ross when we were searching for what to put on my brother’s quilt panel for the AIDs quilt.  Here is a link:


When you get to this page, type in Michael Stevens into the second field.

This panel was lovingly made by our family’s good friend Darlene Trupp and presented to my parents about a year after Mike died.  Several years later, my parents, Darlene, and her husband went to DC to see the quilt.  It was the last time the entire quilt could be put together in one place.  It was a moving experience for all of them.  And for the first time, our friend was hit with the enormity of the tragedy. . . he saw several panels with symbols of the Boy Scouts on it and he realized that this could happen to either of his kids.  It became real in a way that only something that moving can do.

So, if you practice Metta meditation, send some to all those out there is the world that are suffering in a way you are.  If you have breast cancer, send metta to yourself and then for all the people in the world who are living with breast cancer and all those whose lives were taken by it.


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This Statue of Shiva is Approximately 65 feet ...

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One of the first instructions on mindfulness (or any other kind) of meditation to be become aware of your breath.  When I was a child, I would go over to school early and pray the rosary with the elderly women in my parrish.  Today, my meditation has a deep and profound place in my life and it is a place that I can honor my parent’s religion.  The rosary is also important to my mom and so with my mala, I keep her love and compassion with me as I count my breath, breathing in, breathing out…

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Namaste. . .

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