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“With your loss comes  a sense of being out of harmony with your world;

the landscape of your life has been permanently altered.

The profound distress that accompanies grief has the potential to show us

the futility of our pleasures, and the misery of our pain.”

~~  Sameet Kumar, Grieving Mindfully

This is why this book is one in my top three books on grief.  Interested, here is a link to Sameet’s book.


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One of my favorite books on grief.  Sameet Kumar has written an awesome book on grief and learning to live grief mindfully.  His book and his work has carried on in the tradition of incredible teachers like Ram Dass, Roshi Joan Halifax, Stephen & Ondrea Levine, etc.

A must read for anyone — anyone dissatisfied with current grief theory, anyone who is grieving, or anyone who loves someone who is grieving.


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We all have days that have special meaning to us and many aren’t the days that are pre-printed on our calendars…

We want to know which holidays are the toughest for you to get through?  When is it that you need more support?

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